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Birthday musings, the death of PFB & leaving the circus…

I started writing this article several weeks ago hence the reference to my birthday of November 1st, I’m completing it nearly a month on but the points remain valid…


2 years ago I wrote an article about becoming 30. You do the math. (I know, I look a lot younger; balanced diet, rigorous exercise regime…lies!).

Anyway, it’s that time of year again. Time to philosophise, a moment of reflection. I want to comment on what’s happened in between and what’s likely to happen in the future. Not just for me because I’m that narcissistic (not to say I’m not, but that’s not the intention here ;), but because you may be able to glean something from it.

Last year, I had a fairly quiet birthday. I tend to every year in fact. I like to celebrate other people’s, I’m the first person to party on down when it’s someone elses day.

But for me, I don’t want anything to do with it come my turn. No real reason but I just want to concentrate on 364 days being top notch rather than get too overboard on one specific day. It just happens to be the date you were born; nothing more, nothing less.

By the way, this extends to all ‘special’ occasions. I’m really not one for new years eve for example, but that’s another story. I think it’s the forced nature of it all.

On November 2nd 2011 (the day after my b’day) I moved to Spain. This year (October 31st 2012, the day before) I quit my job. These are quite interesting decisions and resulting actions.

Quite seismic in some peoples eyes I suspect. Great gifts I say.

A quick overview: I was working in an office. I have spoken a little in my ebooks and previous articles but ultimately office work isn’t for me. And as, or more importantly, working for someone else isn’t for me either. I need to be working on my own terms. These 2 combined = not the one.

As far as office work goes this was a good gig. Slightly spicier in the sense it was in another country, a plethora of nationalities and I was (am) a huge fan of the product. I had been on the program I was coordinating on 3 occasions, believe wholeheartedly in it and felt good to be working on it.

There was also some variety, different people in and out the office, a few different tasks and usually a little afternoon out on a Thursday. There was enough to keep me going.


You can’t dodge your true path for too long. You can try but it will eat you, slowly. It’s an unpleasant way to go. You can play along but somewhere along the line you have to get back in tune with your values, principles, passions and purpose.

Profound but true.

And for me, staring at a computer screen in one place for 8 hours most days is bad news.

Staring at my own computer screen, working on my own projects is another matter entirely.

Having to be at a building each day at a certain time, leave at a certain time and have time off within a designated allowance (which needs to be agreed on), putting in ‘face time’ at the office rather than real productivity. All this adds up to an unsuccessful and unfulfilling life.

I’m not knocking this particular company per sé. This whole 40 hour week thing worldwide is, in my humble opinion, not the best way to do business. ‘Working’ for 8 hours, or rather showing your face for 8 hours does not equal productive, efficient work.

Quite the opposite in fact.

I would guess most people in this kind of environment get about 1-2 hours productive work achieved each day. The time and energy wasted is demoralising. If I were able to concentrate and do my work in the most efficient way, I would have achieved twice as much by lunchtime and we could all go to the bar.

If I had a business, with employees (heaven forbid) then it would most definitely not run on face time. It would run on productivity and output produced. But that’s just me, what would I know?!

This isn’t a rant on working practices…that’s for another day ;)

The conversation

I had already suspected I would be leaving at the end of my contract as it seemed like it would be an appropriate time. The summer is a bad time to go due to it being far busier so the winter was good. Especially as we appeared to be on top of things with staff and systems in place.

I wasn’t quite sure about approaching the conversation with my boss. I’m notoriously bad at that. I’d rather leave quietly out the back door. It was especially (potentially) difficult as I liked my boss. It would be easier to hate everyone and everything and just leave.

I was slightly concerned about how to leave in the most amicable way. I didn’t want all my good work to go to waste and become a bad guy. Persona non grata. I also wanted the door to stay open for potential future work and attending the program we produce as a volunteer as I originally did.

Anyway, I’m pleased to say it all went smoothly. Thrilled in fact. My boss being the true star she is, made it very easy and we parted on great terms. I also received a positive reception (actually ‘reception’ is the wrong word as I was leaving, not arriving, but you know what I mean) from those in charge of the company, with open ties to continue some sort of partnership in some sort of capacity in the future.

Good job all round I say, and we leave with whatever the opposite saying is to ‘leaving with a bad taste in your mouth’. A good taste presumably, perhaps something sweet.

The Future

So, I decided to volunteer on one more program following my departure from the job. This would wrap this particular segment of the journey up nicely. I may well be back in the not too distant future but this seemed a nice way to end it for now…back where it all began at the start of last year.

I have begun to write another article on the Pueblo Inglés program (a follow up to this one). It’s already 2500 words so I may make it into a mini ebook, split it into different articles or edit it vigorously.

As for my next movements, I’ll be chillin’ in Madrid for the next 3 weeks or so, doing a little writing, planning and catching up with friends. I’ll be back to England for Christmas and new year, then off to Asia! In and around Thailand for just under 3 months which will take me up till Easter.

This may well be the last article on this blog. I am unsure how I’m going to use PFB in the future (if at all). It has provided a nice testing ground for some of my work but I feel I’ll be concentrating all of my efforts over at “M2M”. If this is the first you’re reading about my new site, or even if not, please check it out over at:


That is where the majority of action will be taking place…in the forums, blogs and between members. A far more interactive community platform that will allow us to do so much more than a static blog can. You can browse the site, download free books and more and set up a profile to get fully involved.

I’ll be documenting a lot of my journey over there, so you can check that out along with contributions from others. You can even add your own blogs, groups, events and forum threads to the discussions, as you please.

I hope to see you over there, but for now, PFB is over and out…

Hasta luego!

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